BTC #7 – Wiccans, Witches and Pagans

Bernadette 2I remember being in first grade and thinking a witch lived in the woods surrounding a creek by my house.  We were afraid to go anywhere near there.  Why was I afraid of a witch?  I’d never met a witch, never been attacked by a witch, never even known someone who knew someone who was cursed by a witch… so why was I afraid of a witch.  Because Id been trained to be afraid, that’s why….. by years of movies, cartoons, books and tv shows, and by other religions which claimed they were evil and worshiped the devil.  As I’ve grown into the person I am today, I’ve learned to think for myself, with an open mind, and I’ve learned that not everything in life is as we are told, and that there are motives behind many of the things we are sold.  If you’ve been raised to think that Wiccans and Witches are evil and that they worship the devil, if you still think like I used to… then you’ve got an eye opening show ahead of you.

This week I was extremely fortunate to get an interview with Bernadette Montana, a very well known witch within the Pagan community.  We discuss the Wiccan religion in a conversation that is very enlightening, while putting to rest many common misconceptions

As discussed in the show, below are some links related to Bernadette Montana:
The Website For Her Store
Her podcast on her web page forBlog Talk Radio

Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans
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