BTC #4 – Young, Gay, Out, and Happy

RyanFor some people, being gay can feel like a curse.  Many people like this desperately want to live life as the person they were born, but fear “coming out” due to backlash and ridicule.  For those who are unable to come to terms with their sexuality, who are afraid to allow themselves to live the live the life they want to live, it can lead into a spiral of depression and self-hate.  Suicide is one of the most common causes of death among teenagers, and gay teenagers are four times more likely to commit suicide.

This week we have an awesome interview with three people who are “young, gay, out, and happy” discussing what it’s like to be gay and out today.  Their open candor and honesty in discussing their feelings of being gay, coming out, and overcoming opposition (both inside and out) make this a must listen to podcast for both gays and straights alike.

Please use the “share this” feature below to share this link on facebook or any other social networking group you belong to.  This week delivers a powerful message that should be heard by as many as possible.

Young, Gay, Out, and Happy
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