BTC #29 – Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate blast the United States. Hurricanes are Everywhere! Is it Global Warming?

Hurricanes Everywhere!  Is it Global Warming?

Until a couple months ago, the concept of man-made global warming was one which I had heard of in the media, but had no personal experience researching on my own.  Then, we had a series of hurricanes blast the United States back to back, including Irma which did a ton of damage up through Florida and into Jacksonville where I own property.  Being the second major near miss in two years, I was really interesting in finding the answers to a couple questions:  “Is the increase in hurricanes this year the result of man-made global warming?” and “Do I have reason for concern going forward with relation to investments in Florida?”

In order to find answers to those questions, some research was necessary.  However, the more answers I found, the fuzzier the big picture got and the more questions I needed to ask to clarify it.  As I continued to pursue answers I was once again drawn down the rabbit hole into a world where what we are being led to believe may not always be the truth.  It has been an interesting period of time, very heavy in research and full of learning, and today I am sharing my story with you.  I’m sure you will find it an educational and fascinating ride.

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