BTC #26 – The Battle With GMO Companies and Pesticide Spraying in Hawaii

The Battle With GMO Companies on Kauai

This month we tackle the problem of GMO companies, which are using Kauai as a testing ground for new products and spraying tons of very dangerous chemicals on the island.  These companies are disrespecting both the people of Kauai and the land of Kauai on a massive scale.  They poison them both without concern, all the while hiding smugly behind data which they control and laws which they help mold.  Today we will swan dive into this issue with no holding back!

In this episode we are are going to discuss:
The problem and legal battle between the GMO companies and the people of Kauai.

The corruption of GMO company money in politics, and our university system.

The attempts of GMO companies to block information regarding the harmful effects of their chemicals.

My investigation into the companies, which makes a solid case that one of them may very well own a major portion of the  responsibility for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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