BTC #24 – The Election is Over, But the Corruption Remains

Back in June of last year, I set out to do a podcast about my research on the voting process.  That simple idea took me on a trip down an amazing and scary road, and ended up turning into a full time, three month project which  spanned three episodes.  During that time I researched the voting process, where our presidential nominees come from, the media, the history of the United States and the fight for control of our monetary system, the influence of the powerful and wealthy on govenernments, and the creation of a shadow government.

With that knowledge fresh on my mind, it was amazing to watch the last election unfold.  There were so many subjects which I had to make note of and research further, and it kept me pretty busy.    We saw unprecedented exposure of the media and of the shadow government, and we have seen a ton of attempts to deflect that exposure by distracting us and turning us against each other, while still fighting to further their agenda.

This month we are going to talk about that subject, and kind of put a closing statement on that three part series on government corruption.  We are going to talk about how I feel Trump won, how the media and the shadow government was exposed, how they are reacting, and how they are trying to deflect, distract, and divide us from the real issues.   Lets get started…

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