BTC #21 – The Most Powerful Team You’ve Never Heard Of

CFRThree months ago I started this series by doing a podcast on voter fraud, which ended up opening a whole can of worms and sent me on a frightening journey of discovery.   At the end of that first podcast, I set out to learn how candidates are chosen for office.  In order to find the answer to that question I needed to follow the money, and that search led me to last months show about very powerful banking interests.  This month picks up from there and dives into the creation of an extremely powerful group which runs a startling number of this countries policies from behind the scenes, a group with a very boring and unassuming name that is actually very far from boring and unassuming.  If you want to have a true awakening to the powers behind the scenes running this country, if you want to know how you are programmed to obey and follow directions, if you want to know where your presidential candidates come from and how they get into office… listen to this show.

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