BTC #20 – The Golden Rule: Those Who Control the Gold, Make the Rules

KingGoldThat old saying, “The golden rule is that those who control the gold make the rules”, is no joke.  For as long as money has been around, those who control it have had immense power.   I think everyone is aware of the massive influence those with money can have over our individual politicians by funding their campaigns.  The mystery lies behind the fact that most people believe the government itself is the sole entity with control over this county’s economy and money supply.

I’ve spent a ton of time over the past month and a half researching some pretty important things which we weren’t taught in school, about how money works in our society, about how the banking industry really works, about monetary policy, about economics, about the battle over currency in our nations history, and about who controls it today.  In this “part two” of a three episode series on voting and governmental control, I’m going to share a summary of the most important findings that I can fit into this show and still keep it entertaining.  This “must listen” show is packed with things we we were never taught, but really should know.

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