BTC #19 – The Game is Rigged: Why I Quit Voting.

VoteForPedroNo matter who becomes president in the next election, they will not change your life. Only you have the power to do that.”

Today I’m going to talk about my thoughts on “voting” and why I think it is designed to placate and control us, while only giving us the illusion that we have any control.  We are also going to talk about the election process and the many ways it is rigged from the start to take control away from the general population.  We are going to talk about the role the media plays in deciding elections and turning our population against one another.  We are going to talk about straight up rampant cheating.  And finally we are going to talk about why it doesn’t matter who gets in office anyway.  Even if you don’t agree with my stances on issues in this podcast, you should find it entertaining and informative.

Discussed in the podcast, the documentary “Hacking Democracy” is a must watch. state by state election results
Ballotpedia:  voting equipment by state. 

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