BTC #11 – Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing

Real Estate 2This episode is part one of a two part series focusing on ways to further your enjoyment of life by earning passive income.  In this portion we talk about earning passive income through real estate investing.  Anyone remotely interested in the subject should find a lot of value in this show.  I draw from my long time interest, as well as my experience purchasing and rehabbing seven homes over the past year for the purposes of keeping as rentals, in Jacksonville, Florida.  Then we have a talk with a friend of mine, Erik Korondy, who has been killing it as a new investor flipping homes.

This episode lays a good foundation for anyone interested in the subject, and approaches it from a real point of view, not one of someone trying to promote the dream to sell a product.  We discuss three popular real estate strategies (Wholesaling, Flipping, and Buy and Hold) and my thoughts on the best way to get into this business.  We also discuss in detail the pros and cons of “buy and hold”, as well as many ways of acquiring distressed properties which can be fixed up for profit.

As discussed in the show, here are some links to a few other great podcasts on the subject:
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