BTC #10 – Social Programming

social programming 1If you were not born rich, you have been programmed your entire life to stay that way.  You have been born and indoctrinated into a system carefully designed to help you grow into a highly taxed worker bee, who doesn’t question authority, and who will sacrifice his or her entire life so that others in higher postions may succeed.  It started when you were just a child, and continues today with propaganda that surrounds you every waking moment.

We are going to talk about that system today, and how my journey of learning and thought has taken me on an incredible ride into understanding just how these thoguhts are driven into us all.  In this episode of Breaking the Chains we discuss many of the ways in which we are programmed from an early age to accept a life of mediocracy.  We discuss the origins and purpose of schooling, mental programming through the constant influx of messages we receive every day, fears which hamper our drive, the timewasters which distract us, and many other things.

Below are links discussed in the show:
The song “Don’t Stay in School”
Singers reply to comments regarding “Don’t Stay in School”
The Origins of the American Public Education System
Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World – Charlotte Iserbyt
Noam Chomsky – Education is a System of Indocrination of the Young
Human Resources – Social Engineering in the 20th Century
Century of the Self
Edward Bernays on David Letterman
Edward Bernays and the Art of Public Manipulation

BTC # 10 – Social Programming
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